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Welcome to my collection of Fantasy Illustrations.

“I just want to make clear so there will be no misunderstanding that just as exiting as I find these scenes as fantasy, just as repulsive I find torture in real life. Probably a shrink could explain why… but I don’t want anyone to repair me!  Nobody gets hurt by pics and stories, so there is no harm done.”

Comment from a valued member that expresses my views too

I first became fascinated by images and stories of beautiful damsels in distress from an early age after seeing early historic themed movies in the late 50’s and 60’s and also by coming across my fathers “girly magazines” that he had hidden in a drawer by his bedside, many of these had BDSM themes and I found the fantasies erotic I must say. 

As I got older and went to art school I would sometimes secretly draw images of scenes with women in the role of the victim but I never showed anyone, in fact I would destroy them as I was ashamed of this “kink” and dreaded anyone coming across them. I must say I never once ever tried to act out any of my fantasies on anyone ever and only found the fantasy erotic, but that’s me (and most people I hope). I detest real torture and mistreatment of any sentient creature, how much more so towards our beautiful Ladies.

Once the internet came along and in 2000-2001 I discovered how many others also enjoyed this genre on various Yahoo groups – Roman Crux, Witch Hunter and Medieval, as well as on relevant sites – and I found many people, both male and female that had the same or even a lot wilder fantasies in various settings – that’s when I realized how many people enjoyed these fantasies, shared them freely and wanted me to share mine or do an image of one of theirs.

I have also done a number of booklets over the years that are still available as such on Dofantasy, what I am doing here is posting the images in full res for member downloads and where necessary I will add more images, redo some, expand the visual narrative and have new text done for some of them by writers inclined to add texts.

In short, fans of my work can expect to see good quality images, many exclusively for this site as well as a different take on the stories being depicted in the images and I hope they will be pleasantly rewarded for joining as members here.


Recurring Members Download Folders for New Work have been updated today - 24/05\2024

Recurring Members Download Folders for New Work have been updated today - 12/04\2024